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What is iSPACE?

The acronym ISPACE means Introduction to Systematic Programming, Animation, Computer Engineering and Electronics .

ISPACE is a co-curricular academic program designed to train students in a career pathway and also develop innovative and creative abilities / skills that will be useful in other areas of learning and problem solving. We aim to achieve this by training children in these following areas:

  • Programming: This consist of Mobile Apps development, Games development, Web Development.

  • Animation: By bringing out the creative skills in young ones through Graphics Character Design and Character Animation.

  • Robotics (Drone-Programming, Codey-Rockey, Mbot, Robotics Smart Marchine, Lego EV-3 and so many others.)

  • Electronics Circuit Design

How do We plan to Achieve this?

ISPACE can run alongside the school academic calendar or as an after school extra-curricular activity (Club).

By Doing This We:

  • Will get students acquainted with resourceful applications that will enable them express their creative ideas.

  • Help develop in students, a new way of thinking (computational and logical thinking) about problem-solving.

  • Teach the students how to program and invent, thereby laying a foundation for those who will develop interest in pursuing a career in IT/ICT/Engineering.

  • Inspire students to invent, create, discover and explore.

  • Impart in the student a sense of confidence, comfort around tools, a willingness to take calculated risks, and the idea that something apparently complex can always be broken down

At the end of each session Students should be able to.

  • Analyze, invent and program their own Android Apps.

  • Create their own animation characters and program them according to their own creative ideas.
  • Design and create computer games of varying themes.
  • Create/ Build Website of their Choice.
  • Use Various types of robotics kits and I.O.T devices flawlessly.

Kindly schedule us for a presentation in your school by Registering Now!, as we look forward to offering our expertise and empowering, exposing students to technological tools and techniques to make their creative ideas a reality.

Notable Clients iSPACE Club.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our classes are designed for a variety of grade levels and interest areas. We have 3 types of classes:

  • Block Based Coding which allows younger children an opportunity to code and create using “drag and drop” commands.
  • Creative Game Design gives kids a fun way to learn game design principles using some of their favorite games. It also allows them to design more worlds, mod, and projects in a group environment with an instructor and kids cheering them on!
  • Text Based Coding begins the journey toward “real world” programming. In these classes, kids will be expected to type their own code while learning Flutter, HTML, CSS, and more!We recommend starting with their age range and interest area.

Our classes are welcoming to all kids, regardless of their level of experience. We recommend you select a class using your child’s age range as a guide. The curriculum is designed for students with any level of prior experience, including none!

  • In Children class( Ages 5 – 8): the kids are learning principles of creative game design and animations . They build various worlds and projects to flex their creativity and critical thinking skills. They also learn robotics.
  • In Teen class( Ages 9 – 13): students use a “drag and drop” interface to create apps, animations. They also learn more about building robotics, and IOT.
  • In Adult class( Ages 14+):), Participants will be learning Mobile Application Development using flutter and Web Development

Yes, we offer curriculum that would be challenging and engaging to all students who aren't already professional software engineers or Computer Science majors in college.

We teach coding using the Socratic Method, allowing our students to discover the solution independently.

All of our classes are self-paced, so there are no pre-determined final projects or skills at the end of our courses. Because our courses are project-based but NOT tutorial-driven, after your child completes a project, they will have the ability to create their own projects at home.

Learning to code isn’t about learning the syntax of a particular language! It’s about learning how to think like a programmer and have the foundational skills necessary to learn any new programming language within a day, if not sooner. We teach those skills, so it doesn’t really matter what actual languages your student program in with us. However, if you’re still curious, our projects are often in Scratch for beginner students and JavaScript for more advanced students.

Yes, we have robotics kits and IOT kits for different age range.

The kits can be purchased on the iSPACE platform, to view and purchase kits, Click on the following link.